Department Policies

Thank you for your interest in the policies of the Middleton Police Department. It is one of our goals to make ourselves accessible to the community we serve and we believe it is important for our citizens to know what they can expect from their police department. We are proud of our policies and hope publishing these documents will benefit our citizens. 

The policies contained herein are rules that all members of the Middleton Police Department follow while carrying out the mission of the department. The policies posted on this site contain the same information that is provided to all department employees. As changes in society and technology emerge, our policies will also evolve in order to best serve and protect our community. Future changes to these policies will be updated on this site periodically. 

While this manual represents most of our administrative and operational policies, it is important to note that a few policies are not shared here and/or some information has been redacted due to concerns for public safety, officer safety and investigative tactics. Please also bear in mind that when it comes to police response, each situation is different. It is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise or prescribe a specific course of action appropriate for every scenario. Therefore, it is necessary that all employees routinely exercise discretion, common sense and good judgment. 

Disclaimer:  These online copies may not be the most current version of our policies, as the online copies are only updated a couple times a year.  If you want to verify if a policy listed here is the most current or if you have any questions about any of the policies, please contact our administrative office at 608-824-7305 or email

Chapter 1 | Organization and Management

Chapter 2 | Personnel Services

Section 1 Collective Bargaining

Section 2 Grievance Procedures

Section 3 Job Classifications

Section 5 Performance Evaluations

Section 6 Promotional Process

Section 7 Part-time Officers

Section 8 Auxiliary & Reserve Personnel

Chapter 3 | Recruitment/Selection

Section 1 Recruitment

Chapter 4 | Commendations/Disciplinary Procedures

Section 1 Commendations

Section 2 Disciplinary Procedures

Chapter 5 | Management of Resistance/Aggression

Section 1 Use of Force

Section 2 Rendering Aid

Section 3 Reporting and Review

Section 4 Former Officer Certification

Chapter 6 | Operations

Chapter 7 | Care of Detainees

Section 1 Search/Transport of Detainees

Section 2 Lock-up Facilities

Section 3 Processing & Temporary Detention

Chapter 8 | Community Relations

Chapter 9 | Communications

Chapter 10 | Records

Chapter 11 | Evidence/Property Integrity

Section 1 Collection of Evidence/Property

Section 2 Maintenance of Evidence/Property

Chapter 12 | Training

Chapter 13 | Critical Incidents

Chapter 14 | Victim/Witness Assistance

Section 1 Victim/Witness Assistance

Chapter 15 | Additional Policies