The Middleton Police Department is located at 7341 Donna Drive in Middleton, Wisconsin.  The department currently consists of 36 officers, including a command staff of twelve.  There are also six full-time and four part-time emergency service dispatchers.  Additional employees include an office manager, court services officer, and two full-time records specialists.

To contact the department, please use the following numbers: 

Dispatch Center (non-emergency call/text)(608)824-7300
TDD(608)824-7300 or 911
Wisconsin Relay Service 711
Administrative Office(608)824-7305
Records Office(608)824-7360
Municipal Court(608)824-7370
Circuit Court Liaison(608)824-7342
Community Awareness Office(608)824-7323
Community Services(608)824-7347

To contest a parking ticket issued to you, go to Parking Ticket Review Form {LINK}

For general questions; information; or to contact a specific officer {EMAIL}

To inquire about police records and/or reports {EMAIL|

For questions and comments related to this website {EMAIL}