City Clerk


The City Clerk is appointed by the mayor and Common Council and is the custodian of all official city records, ordinances, and Common Council proceedings. Other duties of the City Clerk’s Office include:

The City Clerk's Office provides administrative support to the Common Council, various boards, commissions, and committees, and other departments as needed. The office is also responsible for the engagement of the public on a day to day basis.

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Middleton City Clerk’s Office is to maintain and provide public records and provide quality services to the Common Council, city staff, and to the citizens of the City of Middleton. The City Clerk’s Office is dedicated to service excellence in an efficient, effective, and professional manner.

Vision Statement

The vision of the City Clerk’s Office is to become known for the exceptional service we bring to the citizens, the City Council, our colleagues, and to our profession.