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Sidewalk Café Permit Application

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  2. City of Middleton - Sidewalk Café Permit Application

    License Period:  April 15 - April 14

  3. License Type*
  4. Check One*
  5. Names and Address of all Officers:
  6. Premise Information
  7. A scale drawing of site, including the location of all trees, poles, benches, grates, and other amenities or obstructions, and the exact type, size and location of the proposed furniture, fences, and other vending equipment. 

  8. Proof of adequate liability insurance naming the City as additional insured. The minimum amount of insurance is $500,000.00 

  9. Review and Approval

    All applicants and requests are subject to:

    • Plan Commission design review
    • Approval of the License and Ordinance Committee and the Common Council
    • Restrictions as outlined in Middleton City Ordinance 7.09(5) & 7.09(6)
  10. Payment Method*

    Once you hit submit, you will be directed to the credit card processing page.  You may also mail a check to our office at 7426 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, WI  53562.

    Application Fee:  $150.00

  11. Under penalty of law, the applicant states that each of the above questions have been truthfully answered to the best of the knowledge of the signers. Signers agree to operate this business according to law and that the rights and responsibilities conferred by the permit, if granted, will not be assigned to another. (Individual applicants and each member of a partnership applicant must sign; corporate officer(s) must sign.) I attest that the above information is true and correct and that any false or incomplete information may result in denial of my application.
  12. By typing my name below, I understand and agree that this form of electronic signature has the same legal force and effect as a manual signature.
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