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Entertainment Club License

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  2. City of Middleton - Entertainment Club License
  3. License Type*
  4. Does the establishment hold a liquor license in the City of Middleton*
  5. Person responsible for the premise

  6. Security Plan
  7. Types of Live Entertainment*

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  8. Type of Security*
  9. Crowd Control and Staffing
  10. Security Plan Questions

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  11.  For alcohol licensed premise, a means of visually and conspicuously identifying patrons who are 21 and older.

  12. By applying for this license you consent to inspection of above stated premise by City officials, including but not limited to police officers, fire inspectors, and building inspectors at any time the club is open for business or upon reasonable notice. I attest that the above information is true and correct and that any false or incomplete information may result in denial of my application.
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