Someone from the Assessor’s office mailed me a postcard. What does this mean?
The Assessor will mail you a postcard when he/she would like to conduct a physical view of the property. In many cases, an inspection is requested if the property is newly constructed, has had a building permit, a neighborhood property analysis is being done, or if the interior of the property has never been seen. By physically viewing the property, the most accurate information will be available to the Assessor. If you get a postcard mailed to you, please call the number listed to schedule an appointment with the Assessor.

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1. Why does the City of Middleton need an Assessor?
2. How is property valued?
3. What is the difference between Assessed Value and Estimated Fair Market Value?
4. How do I know if my assessment is correct?
5. Will my assessment change if I haven’t done anything to my property?
6. If my new property is still under construction, how will it be assessed?
7. Will my property taxes increase if my assessment goes up?
8. Can I contest the amount of taxes on my tax bill at the Assessor’s Office or at the Board of Review?
9. Someone from the Assessor’s office mailed me a postcard. What does this mean?
10. What if I do not allow the Assessor to enter my property?
11. Will I receive an assessment notice?
12. Can I contest my assessment?
13. What is the Open Book session?
14. What is the Board of Review?
15. How do I schedule an appointment to appear at the Board of Review?
16. What should I say to the Board at the time of my hearing?
17. Where can I view property assessments for the City of Middleton?
18. If I would like the Assessor’s Office to view my property, can I schedule an appointment?