Tree Planting, Pruning, & Removals


The City of Middleton currently has 9,167 street trees, 2,210 trees within active parklands, and thousands more in conservancy areas spread throughout the city. It is our goal to foster the existing urban forest and to promote its growth. We strive to identify pest and disease issues at an early stage to ensure the smallest impact possible on our trees and welcome calls regarding concerns residents may have with trees when they see them.

  1. PLanting

Generally speaking, trees and construction do not go well together.  A wide variety of damages can occur to a tree, and trees can be damaging to structures as well.

Damage that can happen to trees:                                                     Damage that can happen to property:

Broken branches/limbs from machinery                                              Heaving/cracking of sidewalk/curb/driveway/foundations

Scraping bark from trunks                                                                   Clogging of sewer/storm-water pipes

Compaction of soil due to heavy equipment                                        Scraping of paint/roof shingles on homes

Root loss due to excavation

Proper tree selection and placement are crucial in minimizing these situations!

Most damage occurs when construction of some type takes place around existing trees.  At the same time, proper planning and foresight can minimize or eliminate the effects of construction altogether.  Prior to home construction or remodeling projects it would be wise to plan for potential issues.  Many people buy wooded lots for homes areas and find that in 5-7 years after construction is over all of their trees have suffered considerable die-back or completely died.  The same can happen in neighborhoods with well-established trees.  

  1. Pruning
  1. Removals