Tree Owners Guide


  • Look for Spongy Moth egg masses. Oil or remove masses if possible. More information on this subject can be found at: 
  • Cutting firewood has been a time-honored tradition and necessity for many homeowners. This is the time of year many people may be out cutting firewood for home heating use and may observe many kinds of insects while splitting wood or after storing wood in a warm place. Each species of wood has many different kinds of insects that might be found under the bark or deeper inside the wood. Some of these can become pests, but many more are not.
  • Dane County is under EAB quarantine.
    • Do not move firewood long distances - Burn where you buy.
    • Doing so may unknowingly move emerald ash borer (EAB) or spongy moth into a previously uninfected area. Gather or buy your firewood at your destination. At the same time, do not take any firewood home with you.