Youth Center Staff

  1. Gabrielle
  2. John
  3. Skye
  4. Savannah
  5. Haley 
  6. lily
  7. Kaelyn
  8. Fleta
  9. Alice


Gabrielle Hinahara, Director

Gabrielle has directed the Middleton Youth Center since it’s reopening in 2014. She loves working with middle school students and finds this work very fulfilling. In particular, Gabrielle enjoys building relationships with the Youth Center’s students and families, supporting the staff and interns, and finding new ways to grow and improve the program. Gabrielle grew up in Middleton and went to college at UW-Madison. Outside of her time at the Youth Center, she loves dancing, gardening, travelling, and spending time with the 12 housemates, friends, and kids that live in her co-op house. She is also in graduate school studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling for Children and Adolescents.