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The Middleton Parks and Recreation Department oversees all parks and facilities within the City of Middleton. The Department is responsible for all reservations, planning, maintenance and yearly improvements on the land within its jurisdiction. The Middleton Parks include six community parks, six neighborhood parks, eight mini parks, which include a Splash Pad and Dog Exercise Park.

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Hours of Operation:

Memorial Day - Labor Day
Monday - Sunday
9 AM - 7 PM

Learn about the pad!

The Lakeview splash pad has been improved! A service line that supplied water to the leaves was repaired which required concrete to be removed and replaced. After a few year hiatus, the water cannons have been repaired and reinstalled. A new feature the “bobble” replaces the turtle which was retired from the splash pad. A number of water use reduction improvements were made including low spray nozzles that reduce water use. All of the elements were deep cleaned and polished along with behind-the-scenes rebuilding of the manifold. The brushed concrete surface was cleaned to remove lime buildup and had a slip reduction grip coating applied. 

The Middleton Public Lands Splash Pad in Lakeview Park was made possible thanks to generous funding from Madison Community Foundation and American Girl Fund for Children.