Community Assistance Program

Community Assistance and Referral Program

The police department provides referrals to Family Service in Dane County. The following is a partial listing of programs that are available. Please contact Family Service at (608) 252-1320 for a complete list of programs available.

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse

Families in Transition

The Families In Transition Program is a flexible family therapy program serving families with teens, ages 10-17, who are at risk of being placed outside of the home. The FIT team works with families in their homes where the immediacy of problems can be addressed. Presenting issues for the teen may include emotional and behavioral difficulties, unlawful activities, school problems, troubled relationships with family members, peers or community persons, or alcohol and other drug abuse patterns. Families may present with significant life stress, communication breakdowns, ineffective parenting, or family aggression.

Safe At Home

Since 1998, the Safe At Home (SAH) program has been a resource for the children (infant to age 11) and families of Dane County Wisconsin who are experiencing significant life stress, conflict or child welfare issues such as abuse or neglect. SAH is an intensive family counseling program designed to work with families in their homes where the immediacy of problems can be addressed and resolved. SAH services are provided in a respectful and culturally responsive manner.

Alternatives to Aggression (ATA)

The Alternatives to Aggression Program is a mental health program designed to address domestic violence.  ATA provides a continuum of services in domestic violence treatment and prevention. ATA is based on the knowledge that domestic violence includes all forms of abusive and controlling actions.  Community Service (ATA) staff work to intervene on physical, sexual, emotional/psychological abuse, as well as challenge and educate the participants on the belief systems held by many individuals, that serve to promote and perpetuate domestic violence in our culture. 


An After-School Skill Building Program

Adventures is an after-school group program for middle and high school youth designed to enhance life and social skills such as negotiating, problem-solving, anger management, coping with peer influences, respecting cultural differences and developing self-awareness. Adventures uses a "learning by doing with reflection" approach to teach youth new skills through experiential education, role-play, practice and positive interactions with peers.


The Counseling and Psychotherapy Services (CAPS) team focuses on general mental health issues on an outpatient basis. The goal of CAPS is to create change for clients through psychotherapeutic intervention. CAPS clients need to be able to benefit from insight oriented therapy that is usually brief. The CAPS team serves individuals, couples and families (this includes work with children and would most likely be in the context of work with the parent(s). Common areas of treatment are depression, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, anxiety/panic, grief/loss issues, relationship problems, family problems, self-esteem, anger management, etc. Outpatient psychotherapy can be effective in creating a change in mood, functioning and quality of life.