Parking Citations

Parking citation court dates are issued by the Middleton Police Department. If you wish to contest a parking citation, you must first contact the Police Department at (608) 824-7305 to request a court date. You would then appear in Court just as you would for any other alleged violation of a City ordinance. The Court procedures utilized for parking cases are the same procedures used for any other case involving an alleged violation of a city ordinance.

Parking cases typically are heard on the first and third Thursday of each month, starting at 6:00 p.m. The first court appearance is called an "initial appearance." The defendant can enter a plea of not Guilty, Not Guilty or No Contest, just as in any other case involving an alleged ordinance violation.

If the defendant pleads Not Guilty, a "pre-trial conference" will be scheduled. At the pre-trial conference, the defendant and the City Prosecutor will discuss their respective positions regarding the alleged parking violation. If the parties reach an agreement on how to resolve the case, which is called "a plea agreement," the Municipal Court Judge will review the agreement. If the plea is approved, the case is resolved on that basis. If the plea agreement is rejected, the case will be scheduled for a trial.

If a defendant pleads Guiltyor No Contest, the Judge will find him or her guilty and impose a sentence. Prior to imposing the sentence, the Judge will listen to any statement or information the defendant would like to provide.

If a trial is held, the City of Middleton has the burden of proof as in any other case. The standard of proof is "clear, satisfactory and convincing evidence." At the conclusion of the trial, the Judge will issue a judgment.

For a copy of the particular parking ordinance that pertains to your situation, visit the website for the City of Middleton and click on "Ordinances". Then, simply locate the specific parking ordinance that is relevant to your case.

The Municipal Court is not the forum for debating the wisdom of a parking ordinance or why the citation was issued in the first place. The City Council is the proper forum for discussion of the policy basis for the parking ordinance. At every City Council meeting, the public is afforded the opportunity to speak. Also, you may wish to talk with your alderperson. The address, telephone number, and email address for alderpersons appear on the City's website. In addition, prior to a court date being scheduled, the Police Department has a policy of meeting with any citizen who would like to discuss why a citation was issued. You may contact the Police Department at (608) 824-7300.