Public Works Committee



Name Term Committee Position
Carl Stumpf 2022 - 2024
Gayathri Dinakaran 2021 - 2023
Don Knorr
2022 - 2024 Citizen, VIce-Chair
Bob Lyons
2021 - 2023
Citizen, Chair
Kerrie Schueffner 2022 - 2024 Citizen
Kendra Wochos
Common Council Member 
Dan Ramsey II
Common Council Member
Shawn Stauske
PW Director / City Engineer

Committee Overview

The Public Works Committee supervises all public works and keeps the streets, alleys, sewers, and public works and places in repair. Consists of five citizens (two year term), two alderpersons (one year term), and one alternate (city engineer).

Public Works webpage