Emergency Medical Services Commission


Name Term Address Phone Number
Joel Fait, City of Middleton, Citizen Member
1405 N. Westfield Rd., Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 836-0281
Michael T. Lohmeier, MD, Medical Director
7552 De Soto St., Verona, WI  53562
(608) 262-2398
Denise Schmidt, Town of Middleton
7555 W. Old Sauk Rd., Verona, WI  53593

Bill Statz, Town of Springfield
5191 Vosen Rd., Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 577-4002
Kim Jack, Paramedic
1434 Wild Iris St., Sun Prairie, WI  53590
 (608) 212-9372
Susan West, Alderman
Steve Wunsch, EMS Director


The Emergency Medical Services Commission makes recommendations of annual budget, standard of care and general policies, and develops a regional response to issues concerning the EMS. The commission consists of one alderperson, the district's medical director, one representative of each of the towns of Middleton and Springfield, each of whom serve a one year term, one citizen with a three year term, and two EMTs, one being a full-time paramedic. One of the EMTs will be appointed by mayor and one will be selected by the EMTs.