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Airport Master Plan Project Update--August 29

Airport User Surveys:
City staff are awaiting from Mead & Hunt a memo that will clarify the issues raised regarding the two airport user surveys at the July 18 AMPAC meeting. We anticipate receiving this memo in early September.
Draft Forecast Chapter:
The FAA recently provided Mead & Hunt with comments regarding their draft of Chapter 2, which pertains to aviation forecasts.  In response, consultant staff are going to do some additional documentation of existing operations and revise the forecasts as necessary to address FAA comments. City staff have specifically asked Mead & Hunt to make sure they document how potential runway improvement scenarios would influence use by various aircraft compared with a “no-build” option (meaning no change to the existing primary runway). People who live east and west of the airport are understandably interested in these projections, and we anticipate Mead & Hunt’s additional inventory and analysis work will help address key questions that have been raised. This work will take some time, so at this point it’s quite possible it will be a few months before the next AMPAC meeting is held.
Updated Economic Impact Study:
Bureau of Aeronautics staff are in the process of updating the decade-old economic impact study. A draft of their analysis should be completed later this fall.
Project Timeline:
While the City, BOA, and Mead & Hunt identified and publicized an initial timeline for preparing the master plan, project staff are at the same time committed to doing a good job on it. We now anticipate that a draft of the master plan will not be available until winter. The City has reiterated its commitment to engage the public through a community survey focusing on the airport master plan and by providing public input opportunities before the Common Council is asked to consider adopting the master plan. There will not be an AMPAC meeting in September. At this time the next meeting has not been scheduled.

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