Special Common Council Minutes for the
Middleton Public Library Board, Middleton Common Council,
& Friends of the Library Board Meeting Jointly
Tuesday, January 8th 2019, 5:30 p.m. Archer Meeting Room, Library lower level

Call to Order--Present: Brar, West, Richard, Ramsey, Olson & Burck. Absent: Sullivan, Teal & Kuhn.
Introduction and Purpose: Library Director Jocelyn Sansing asked everyone from each group to introduce themselves.

State of the Library: Funding, Friends, Facility, Services, Future: Sansing provided a variety of useful information concerning Library operations, including how the Library is funded. Notably, the City’s general contribution annually is about $1.3 million; other communities through Dane County, about $876,000; communities outside Dane County about $26,000; and the Friends of the Library contributed about $44,000 in 2018 which funded 100% of the Library’s extensive programs (over 1,000 in 2018!). Karen Natoli of the Friends of the Library elaborated that the Friends’ primary source of funds derives from the regular book sales. She also indicated that the Friends had 283 members in 2018.

Municipal District Library Usage: Sansing provided information by Council District of Library cards and checkouts throughout Middleton. The 1st District was highest in both followed by the 6th District. Sansing indicated that space for Children’s, Teen and Adult print/audio visuals were all at the stage of critical capacity needs, and that led for the Library Board to hire HGA (architects) of Rochester, MN (local office in the building housing the Mustard Museum) for space planning within the Library’s current configuration. The Library’s three major priorities are: 1) Increase available public square footage for Library use/programs; 2) Create flexible spaces for new ways of gathering; and 3) Improve the customer service experience.

Q&A/Discussion Sansing asked for a general discussion, and several participants made comments and asked questions about the Library’s future.

Adjournment The meeting adjourned at about 6:45 p.m. No action was taken by either of the governmental bodies.

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