The City's Public Works Department is spearheading the pumping effort at Tiedeman Pond. The good news is that we received and activated an additional pump during the evening of Tuesday, August 28; however, that progress was short-lived. A very high point in the railroad ditch further downstream from our pump discharge was causing water to pool in residential back yards, and the ponded water began draining back toward the pump.

On the morning of Wednesday, August 29, we made the decision to remove the pump hose from the railroad corridor, and lay it in the south curb line of Woodgate Road instead. We’ve had to rent additional hose to move the discharge past the crest of the road so water can drain to the east and go into storm sewer inlets just west of Clovernook Road. We don’t know yet how much the water will spread out on Woodgate Road, but we’ll have to monitor that and try to contain it if needed.

The goal remains to run the auxiliary pump until we can get both Tiedeman Pond and Stricker Pond down to manageable levels. That may take a month or so, and I’ll refine a time estimate as we get some experience on progress.

Shawn Stauske, Public Works Director/City Engineer

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