Subject: Provide your input about ponds: Meeting on December 16, Saturday, 10am at Tiedeman Pond/Woodside Heights Park on Voss Parkway

Dear Friends of Kettle Ponds,

The City of Middleton would like your input about the Tiedeman and Stricker Ponds to help update its Conservancy Lands Plan (Conservancy Lands Plan 2018-2023). Adaptive Restoration LLC was recently awarded the contract.

An important part of this process is gathering citizen input. It would be great to have input about the city's conservancy and our ponds from everyone of you.

There is an informal walk and talk at Tiedeman Pond on 12/16, Saturday, at 10am, hosted by the Adaptive Restoration, LLC. The walk/talk would be an opportunity to share your thoughts about the strengths of the Kettle Ponds areas, thoughts about past management, what changes you might like to see from the City. If you are unable to come to this meeting, please email me your thoughts. Please feel free to share this with your neighbors and friends.

See you all on 12/16, Saturday, at 10am, at Woodside Heights Park.

Gurdip Brar, Co-Chair
Friends of Kettle Ponds

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