Alternate Side Parking starts November 15

Winter is right around the corner and that means that alternate side parking starts soon in the City of Middleton.  Officers have been placing notices on vehicles parked on the street overnight for the past week or so to help raise awareness & remind drivers. 

The City of Middleton's long standing alternate side parking ordinance is in effect from November 15 to March 15, from 1:00AM to 7:00AM daily.  If you need to park on the street during that time, you have to park on the even numbered side of the street on even numbered calendar days and likewise, park on the odd numbered side of the street on odd numbered days.  The purpose of the ordinance is to facilitate snow removal and street maintenance. 

If signs prohibit parking on one side of the street, alternate side parking does not apply.  If the addresses on your street are all even or all odd numbered, the alternate side parking regulation still applies.  In effect, there is no on-street parking every other night in this case.  To do otherwise would mean that one side of the street could not be plowed. 

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If you wish to read the City of Middleton Ordinance that contains parking restrictions, please visit


  • Alternate side or seasonal parking regulations are common in Wisconsin.  A notice is posted at entrances to the City.  It is the responsibility of hosts to notify guests of the alternate side parking restriction. 

  • Officers often do have more important things to do than write parking tickets and on those occasions citations may not be issued.  However, most alternate side parking tickets are written during the time of day when the fewest crimes, accidents and calls for service occur. 

  • There is no parking ticket quota.  Officers are not judged by the number of parking tickets they write, but rather by the degree of voluntary compliance in their patrol districts.  Consistent enforcement, especially early in the season, typically results in voluntary compliance and fewer parking tickets. 

  • The police department budget is set.  The department does not receive any money from parking tickets or traffic citations.  All fines go to the City's general fund. 

  • Alternate side parking enforcement is NOT contingent on an impending snow storm.  It is not our objective to write parking tickets when it snows, but rather to get people into the habit of consistently complying with the ordinance.  Writing tickets to illegally parked cars during or after a snow storm doesn't help in the snow removal operation.  Voluntary compliance, precipitated by consistent enforcement, results in a significantly more effective and efficient plowing operation. 

Sergeant Travis Kakuske 
Middleton Police Department 


You can now call or TEXT Middleton Police at 608-824-7300 for non-emergencies.

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