Finance Committee - Budget Minutes
Tuesday September 13, 2017 6:00 PM
City Council Chambers

Call to Order
Chairperson Sullivan called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

Roll Call
Present: Richard, Sullivan, Teal, West.

1) Overview of 2018 Requested Operating Budgets
Finance Director Bill Burns provided an update on 2018 Requested General Fund Revenues and Expenditures. Based on current estimates, the City is projecting general fund revenues in excess of the base budget expenditures in the amount of $519,801, assuming the City utilizes the full levy limit adjustment. Previously discussed decision items are projected at a cost of $255,558 leaving a potential balance of $264,213 for other decision items or adjustments. Mark Sullivan noted that the continuation of the part-time IT technician will need to be considered as part of the budget process. He also stated that the target for the City’s general contingency should be $250,000. That would provide sufficient funding for the City’s annual allocation for Fire and EMS replacement funds.

2) Discussion of 2018 Department Operating Budget Requests
Planning, Airport, Transit, Sustainability, CDA, TIF
Eileen Kelley, Director of Planning, presented the operating requests for the Planning Department. Abby Attoun, Director of Community Development presented the requests for a part-time Sustainability Coordinator position and the Community Development Authority (CDA) budget. It was noted that the CDA received a one-time source of funds from TIF District #3 and that it currently operates at a deficit.

Motion by Teal, seconded by West to refer the 2018 Personnel Requests to the Personnel Committee. Motion passed 4-0. There was a request to list the amount of FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) for each personnel request on the list the goes to the Personnel Committee.

Motion by Sullivan, seconded by Teal, to defer further discussion of the Community Development Authority funding to a future Finance Committee meeting. Motion passed 4-0.

Mark Opitz, Assistant Planning Director, presented the Airport and Transit budgets. Mark Sullivan stated that for the City’s enterprise funds he would like to see information on both a budgetary and full accrual basis.

Municipal Court
Municipal Court Judge Marjorie Schuett presented the Municipal Court operating budget. Two line item adjustments are requested with a net decrease in cost of $101.

Senior Center
Jill Kranz, Senior Center Director, presented the Senior Center operating budget. There is an offsetting increase to Senior Center trip revenues and expenditures of $12,000 and a requested increase to equipment maintenance in the amount of $3,500. She also noted that there is a request for the Senior Center video/security system in the IT capital budget.

Rebecca Price, Assistant Director for Recreation, presented the Recreation operating budget. Summer Recreation and Fall/Winter/Spring Recreation expenditures are proposed to be combined into a single division. There is a decreased need for seasonal staff wages due to greater efficiencies. The subsidy for the aquatic center is about $50,000 per year (approximately 20% of operating costs). There is a requested increase in outside services for the Hubbard Activity Center due to increased participation. Mark Sullivan asked for the Hubbard Activity Center budget to be presented on a breakeven basis. Staff is also requesting a Recreation Assistant position to allow for further growth of recreation program and to assist in providing office coverage for the full working day.

Youth Center
Attendance at the Youth Center has increased for the 2017-2018 program year. Staff is requesting an increase in hours for the Youth Center Director and Assistant Director from 48 to 52 weeks a year and for an evaluation of the ranges for these positions in the City’s compensation plan.

Public Lands, Forestry, Conservancy Lands
Matt Amundson, Director of Public Lands, presented the Public Lands, Forestry, and Conservancy Lands operating budgets. He explained that no additional staff are being requested in these areas until the department has time to conduct a full evaluation of processes and needs. Mark Sullivan stated that the intent of the Forestry pruning budget is for those funds to be used for the City’s cycle of tree pruning, not for the Emerald Ash Borer initiative.

Golf Course (Operating & Capital)
Jeremy Cabalka, Pleasant View Golf Course General Manager, presented the operating and capital requests for the Pleasant View Golf Course. Mark Sullivan noted that a capital reserve study has been prepared for the golf course. There was a request to distribute the study to the members of the City Council.

Jocelyne Sansing, Library Director, presented the operating budget for the Middleton Public Library. Additional revenue is anticipated from Dane County due to the updated funding formula. The Library is requesting an additional full-time position that would help allow the outreach librarian to spend 100% time on outreach. This position would also allow additional programing to be done in house. A $10,000 reduction in outside programming could help to offset the cost of the position.

Administration, Finance, Elections, Council, Committees, and Other
Mike Davis, City Administrator presented the budget for the City Administrator. There are some proposed line item shifts with no increase in the net cost. He also presented a proposal to promote the Accounting Manager / Treasurer to Assistant Finance Director / Human Resources Manager. Approximately 50% of time for this position would address human resources needs for the City. A 50% part-time Accounting Assistant position is being requested in the Finance Department to perform basic accounting duties to free up time for the Assistant Director/HR Manager to take on additional functions.

Bill Burns, Finance Director provided information on the Finance, Elections, and Council decision item requests. The Finance budget includes funding for the 2018 revaluation, a required actuarial study of Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB), and preparation of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The Elections budget includes funds for a gubernatorial election year. Committee members requested information on the cost to purchase additional voting machines for absentee ballots and a breakdown of the wages and hours planned for election workers in 2018.

Mike Davis suggested that the Council may want to consider compensation increases for elected officials as it has been many years since the last change. Elizabeth Hetrick asked for information on compensation levels for elected officials in other municipalities.

Meeting Schedule
The October 4, 2017 Joint Finance and Personnel Committee budget meeting will be rescheduled to Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Moved by Sullivan, seconded by Teal, to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 p.m. Motion Passed. 4-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Burns, Finance Director

Note: These minutes were prepared by Bill Burns, Finance Director, are based on the notes of the recorder, and are subject to change at a subsequent meeting.

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