City of Middleton Strategic Plan
Advisory Committee Meeting
City of Middleton, WI
Date: Wednesday, October 13th, 7:00pm-8:30pm

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Meeting ID: 897 3091 0820
Passcode: LX3U7J8%
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Meeting ID: 897 3091 0820
Passcode: 12604329

Meeting Purpose: briefly review work completed to date and discuss emerging themes and ideas to inform the Vision and Framework.

Note: The public is welcome to attend the Committee meeting, but public comment will not be taken at this meeting. A virtual visioning workshop will be held on Thursday, November 4th from 6pm-8pm at which all members of the public are strongly encouraged to attend to share their thoughts on the information being provided and discussed at the Committee meeting.

• Luke Fuszard
• Jon Denissen
• Erin Summers
• Jill Kranz
• Dana Monogue
• Ellen Carlson
• Lisa Janairo
• Doug Zwank
• Dom Ricks
• Kurt Paulsen
• John Schaffer
• Jocelyne Sansing

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Middleton Strategic Plan Process Overview
3. Overview of Key Findings
a. Firms
i. Vandewalle
ii. EQT by Design
iii. Public Administration Associates
b. Clarifying questions about information contained in meeting packet
4. Committee Discussion
a. From the materials provided, what themes/issues are resonating with you?
b. What other emerging themes or issues should be considered for the framework?
c. From the materials provided, what aspirations and attributes are resonating with you?
d. What are other emerging aspirational components that should be considered for the Vision?
5. November Public Vision Event Overview

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