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July 14, 2021 – 6:00 PM
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Call to Order by Council President Olson
Roll Call
Discussion Items for Committee of the Whole
1) Airport Master Plan background information
a. Origin and Purpose of Master Plan
2) Various Topics Raised by the Public
a. City related issues (non-technical issues)
i. City of Middleton Resolution 1998-20 “Intent for Morey Airport Property”
ii. Survey of the community
iii. Potential use of eminent domain
iv. Effect on nearby property values?
v. Questions concerning special events at airport
vi. What is the City’s liability in the event of an airplane accident?
b. Operational concerns
i. Will changes attract larger aircraft?
ii. Why not just rely on the Dane County Regional Airport?
iii. Safety of operations
iv. Can the City impose restrictions on aircraft operations?
v. Making unleaded aviation fuel available for purchase at the Airport (C29)
c. Financial questions
i. Estimated costs and the cost-effectiveness of alternatives
d. Environmental
i. Aircraft noise and noise complaints
ii. Air pollution, particularly emissions from aircraft using leaded fuels
iii. Additional impervious area and potential for increased flooding?
iv. Water quality
v. Zoning and compatibility of land uses in vicinity of airport
3) Alternatives from the Airport Master Plan
a. Runway 10/28 (Current Paved East-West Runway)
i. 3 options – No Change, Alternatives 1-2
1. No change in length (keep at 4000 feet long)
2. Alternative 1 - Increase in length by 200 feet (to 4200 ft)
3. Alternative 2 - Increase in length by 440 feet (to 4440 ft)
b. Runway 01/19 (Current Turf North-South Crosswind Runway)
i. 9 options – No Change, Alternatives 1-8
1. No change in length or location of turf runway (keep at 1800 feet)
2. Alternative 1 – Reduce in length by 550 ft to separate two runways (to 1250 ft)
3. Alternative 2 – Reduce in length by 800 feet to separate two runways and to bring Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) onto airport property (to 1000 ft)
4. Alternative 3 – Shorten, shift runway north, and realign turf runway (to 1270 ft)
5. Alternative 4 – Eliminate turf runway, no crosswind runway
6. Alternative 5 – Shift runway north, pave and increase in length by 1480 feet (to 3280 ft) – requires land acquisition and relocation of Schneider Rd.
7. Alternative 6 – Shift runway north, pave and realign (02/20) to avoid obstacles and to increase in length by 1480 feet (to 3280 ft), taxiway on east side of runway – requires land acquisition, relocation of Schneider Rd.
8. Alternative 7 – Shift runway north, pave and realign (02/20) to avoid obstacles and to increase in length by 1480 feet (to 3280 ft), taxiway on west side of runway – requires land acquisition, relocation of Schneider Rd.
9. Alternative 8 – Shift runway north, pave and realign (02/20) to avoid obstacles and to increase in length by 2400 feet (to 4200 ft) – requires land acquisition, probable elimination of Schneider Rd.
ii. Notes:
1. Alternatives 5, 6, 7, and 8 all feature longer, paved north-South runway.
2. Due to wind conditions generally favoring planes taking off to the north, a longer paved North-South runway is likely to become the main runway for many of the planes using this airport.
3. Redirecting more planes to the north may reduce many of the overflights and noise complaints from populated subdivisions to the east and west of the airport.
c. Hangars
i. 4 (or 5) options – No Change, Alternatives 1 and 1b, 2-3
1. No change to Hangar locations at the airport
2. Alternative 1 and 1b – Hangar development on current airport property
3. Alternative 2 – Requires land acquisition northeast of airport for hangars to be located east of crosswind runway 01/19
4. Alternative 3 – Requires land acquisition north of airport for hangars to be located west of crosswind runway 01/19, north of the Solar Array
ii. Notes:
1. Hangar placement is highly dependent on runway configuration
2. Hangar placement will also be dependent on environmental issues
d. Current Pattern vs. Change to Right-Turn
4) Community Survey Proposal from Polco
i. Questions should be regarding topics within the scope of a Master Plan
ii. All questions to be developed independently by a company that specializes in surveys
5) Discussion of Alternatives

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