June 3, 2021

City of Middleton Cooling Centers

The weather forecast between June 4 and June 8 reveals temperatures hovering around the 90 degrees Fahrenheit range. Per the City of Middleton’s Emergency Plan the City will establish Cooling Centers when the following conditions are met:

• Projected prolonged heat or heat index equivalent at or above 90 degrees
Fahrenheit; and/or
• State or Federal emergency advisories concerning heat or heat index; and/or
• Local, State or Federal emergencies that displace citizens from their residences
in Middleton during high heat or heat index times; and/or
• Power outages of longer than 12 hours during times of high heat or heat index
• Other times at the discretion of the City’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

The following Cooling Centers will be open in the City of Middleton during this excessive heat period.

Middleton Police Department located at 7341 Donna Drive (24 hours daily)
Middleton City Hall located at 7426 Hubbard Avenue (During regular office hours)
Middleton Senior Center located at 7448 Hubbard Avenue (During regular office hours)
Middleton Public Library located at 7425 Hubbard Avenue (During regular office hours)

City employees and facilities will not provide bedding and food, but City employees will facilitate access to cots from emergency service providers and social services from qualified agencies. Please share this information with friends, family, and networks of people.

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