On behalf of the City of Middleton, I’m very pleased to present to you the City’s 2020 Annual Report. Despite the havoc of the pandemic, our City staff was able to keep City services available at a very high level this past year. Special thanks to our frontline employees—public safety and field crews--who brave the elements and combat the pandemic while providing stellar service. Also, special kudos to our election management team of Lorie Burns and Michelle Marx for their efforts to keep election workers and voters safe while processing a record number of registered voters (90%) in the November election. Furthermore, more special kudos to our Information Technology staff for making a swift transition that enabled many of our employees to work safely and effectively from home. And thanks to our elected officials and volunteer committee members for their enduring public service for little to no compensation. The document may be found in either of these two locations on the City’s web site:

Direct to the PDF - https://cityofmiddleton.us/.../View/7971/2020-Annual-Report

News Flash Announcement - https://cityofmiddleton.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1030
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Middleton, WI

Mike Davis, City Administrator

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