Fall Leaf Collection

Fall leaf collection will continue through November, weather permitting. Collection will end following the season’s first snow accumulation, but no later than the end of November, when trucks are converted for snow and ice control operations.

Please see our Leaf and Yard Waste Collection Policy for a complete description of rules and alternative options, and check the City’s Leaves and Garden Waste web page for weekly progress updates.

In October: Priority is given to scheduled brush collection.
In November: Priority is given to unscheduled leaf collection.

Collection of leaves in fall requires a lot of work to be done in a very short time. Your cooperation in making leaf collection efficient is both needed and appreciated. Please follow these Leaf Collection Rules:
• Pile leaves on grass areas along the curb, but not in the street or gutter.
• Do not pile leaves around trees, posts, hydrants, mailboxes, rocks, firewood or brush.
• Please do not park a vehicle in front of leaf piles.
• Leaves in bags or containers WILL NOT be collected.
• Leaves mixed with brush WILL NOT be collected.

New this year, we’re also asking that you please do not cover leaf windrows with tarps. Our crew will provide a reminder tag on tarps they see. In the past, we’ve had equipment damaged from inadvertently vacuuming up heavy materials intended to hold the tarps down (bricks, rocks, firewood, etc.) that worked their way off of the tarp and into the leaves. In addition to potential equipment damage and down-time, we’re operating with a vacant crew position this fall and need to be extra efficient to have a chance to pick up all the leaves.

It will also be especially helpful if you could rake leaves curbside prior to late November. Having smaller piles of leaves in late November allows our crew to get to more homes in a shorter time as the season winds down.

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