In honor of National Suicide Prevention & Recovery Month, please share this Demi Levato clip with friends and family:

September Is National Suicide Prevention & Recovery Month

Whereas, the week of September 6-12, 2020 is National Suicide Prevention Week, and September 2020 is National Recovery Month, when millions of people around the world join their voices to share a message of hope and healing; and

Whereas, these observances are united in raising awareness that prevention is possible; treatment is effective; and people do recover; and

Whereas, Local organizations like Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) and national organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) are on the front lines of a battle that many still refuse to discuss in public, as suicide and mental illness unfortunately remain a taboo topic to discuss; and

Whereas, in these challenging times messages of hope and healing are more needed than ever; and

Whereas, residents should be able to access high quality prevention, support, rehabilitation, and treatment services that lead to recovery and a healthy lifestyle; and

Whereas, it is essential that we educate residents about suicide, mental health and substance abuse problems and the ways they affect all people in the community; and

Whereas, Suicide Prevention Week and Recovery Month inspire millions of Americans to raise awareness, build resiliency, and find hope.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Gurdip Brar, Mayor of the City of Middleton, along with the Common Council of Middleton, proclaim the month of September 2020 is Suicide Prevention and Recovery Month: "Finding Hope, Building Resiliency, Supporting Recovery".

This proclamation was adopted at a regular meeting of the Middleton Common Council on the 1st day of September, 2020.

Gurdip Brar, Mayor Lorie J. Burns, City Clerk

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