Included in this monthly calendar posting is a public forum hosted by the Middleton Police Commission on Wednesday, January 15, in the City Council Chambers at 6 p.m.. At the forum the public will be able to view the finalists for Middleton Police Chief and provide written ratings on the finalists answers to 6 questions. After the public forum the Police Commission will deliberate in closed session on their selection. The final selection will be voted upon in public session later that evening.

Revised City of Middleton Public Meetings at City Hall
January 2020

Meeting Room Key: B (Conference Room B); C (Conference Room C); CC (Council Chambers)

Date Time Meeting Room


5:00 PM Airport Commission CC


6:45 PM Youth Commission B
7:00 PM Police Commission Meeting - Candidate Review and Recommendations C
7:00 PM Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission CC


6:00 PM Finance Committee CC
7:30 PM Common Council CC


5:30 PM Kathy Olson - Bella Casa Condo/Pleasant View Park Development Neighborhood Mtg. CC
6:00 PM Middleton Area Historical Society B


6:00 PM Golf Committee C
6:30 PM Public Works Committee B


6:00 PM License and Ordinance Committee B
7:00 PM Plan Commission CC


6:00 PM Police Chief Candidate Public Forum/Meeting of the Police Commission CC
7:00 PM Water Resources Management Commission B


5:30 PM CANCELED--Arts Committee B


7:00 PM Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission CC


4:00 PM Tourism Commission B
5:30 PM Personnel Committee CC
6:00 PM Finance Committee CC
7:30 PM Common Council CC


5:30 PM Ped / Bike / Transit Committee CC
7:00 PM Conservancy Lands Committee B

1/25/2020 8:00 AM City Council Committee of the Whole & Plan Commission Annual Retreat CC


5:30 PM Workforce Housing Task Force B
6:30 PM Sustainability Committee B
6:30 PM Public Works Committee CC


6:00 PM Community Development Authority CC
6:30 PM Plan Commission CC

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