Bunny Hop 2023


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What: Bunny Hop Walk  


When:  Bunnies will be Out from Friday, March 25 to April 9th 


Where:  There will be bunny cut outs that will be placed along a route/trail at 4 different Middleton Locations:  

  • Tiedeman Pond 
  • Graber Pond 
  • Lakeview Park  
  • Orchid Heights Conservancy Trail Loop 


The objective of the Bunny Hop Walk is to find all of the bunnies that will be placed along a trail/route. On the back of each bunny there will be a Letter & a QR Code    

  • The letter will be one of 5/6 letters participants will try to find along the trail/route. 
  • The QR code will take you to a Google Form for that particular park location. This will allow you to submit your answer! Once submitted, you can visit our office to receive a toy/piece of candy. All individuals who submit a correct answer will have their name put into a drawing for local gift cards. The drawing will take place on Wednesday April 12th and the winners will be notified via Facebook & Email.  

After participants find each bunny and receive the letter from the back of the bunny, they will then have to try and unscramble the letters to recreate the correct answer to the clues.  

For Example:  At Orchid Heights there are 6 bunnies. The letters from the 6 bunnies make out the letters, (I,W,S,N,S,G) Participants would now need to figure out what the letters spells and then submit that guess to the Google Form (SWINGS). 


How to know if you have the correct answer? 

  • After you have submitted an answer, the screen will inform you that your response has been recorded.  
  • To learn if your answer is correct/incorrect you will click on VIEW ACCURACY. This will take you to a new page/tab on your phone. 
    • Correct Answer: 
      • If you have a correct answer, you will see a (Green Check Mark), indicating you are correct. 
    • Incorrect Answer:
      •  If you submit the wrong answer, you will see a (Red X), indicating you are incorrect 
      • To edit your answer, return to the page on your phone that says, “View Accuracy.”  Under “View Accuracy” you will have an option to edit answer 
      • Change your answer here and submit again.  

How will I receive my Prize? 

After participants have decoded the correct answer, and submitted it via the Google Form, participants will be able to receive their prize by stopping by the Middleton Recreation Department during the Prize Pickup Times.  Individuals who submit the correct answers will have their names entered into our raffle drawing. The drawing will take place on Wednesday April 12th and the winners will be notified via Facebook & Email.  


Prize Pickup Times:  

Prizes can be picked up at Middleton City Hall at the Recreation Office on the following dates and times.:

  • March 27th to 31st: 8:15am to 3:00pm   
  • April 3rd to April 7th: 8:15am to 3:00 pm
  • April 10th to 11th: 8:15am to 3:00pm

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