Hip-Hop Dance Performance

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Holiday Ballet Performance Featuring Magnum Opus Ballet

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Dr. Mordecai's Marvelously Mysterious Mental Musings

Mays-010R-BW In which, Dr. Mordecai will explore interesting topics concerning the human brain, guaranteed to last no longer than 90 fascinating minutes (with time for conversation at the end).  To whit:  how the brain works, how children grow up and what can go wrong, mental illnesses, psychiatric medication and other interventions, why humans care about ethical behavior, happiness, stress, and much more.

The good doctor will utilize Power Point slides and videos to engage the captive audience.  No fees are charged and there will be no refunds in the event of disgruntlement or sleep disturbance.

Dr. Mordecai (aka Dr. David Mays, MD, PhD) is a licensed physician and erstwhile popular lecturer (at least pre-pandemic).  He also is responsible for Doc Mordecai’s Musical Mixture Elixir (see above).

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Dogs Playing PokerFriday afternoon (12:00-3:00-ish) poker group is always open to adding more players to the mix.  It’s dealer’s choice, so there is likely to be more than one flavor available.  Registration is not required, but a strong desire to have a good time is.


Tai Chi for Beginners

Certified Instructor:  Bob Harrington

This class will give participants the option to sit or stand.  The class is limited to 30 minutes of exercise, so it’s perfect for the beginner.  It’s a great class for anybody with arthritis or wanting greater flexibility.

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