University Avenue Corridor Plan - 2021

The Community Survey is now up! Please let us know your thoughts and ideas for University Avenue! You can access the survey here:

University Ave Corridor Photo

What is the University Avenue Corridor Plan?

The University Avenue Corridor Plan is a visioning document that will identify transportation and land use challenges along the City of Middleton’s portion of University Avenue and recommend prioritized improvements that can be considered over time to improve the user experience for all modes of transportation. A visioning document can be used as a guideline for city government officials such as Plan Commissioners and City Councilmembers, and it can be used as a blueprint for what the ideal and practical corridor will look like 10-20 years into the future. Specific topics that the plan seeks to address will be related to bicycle and pedestrian safety, parking and circulation, opportunities for redevelopment, aesthetics and public art, building design guidelines, and connections with regional public transit. 

Why is the City of Middleton doing a plan now?

University Avenue has experienced commercial vacancies, retail turnover, and heavy commuter traffic for decades. More recently, along the segment east of Park Street, several multifamily buildings have been proposed and, in two cases, approved for development. The COVID-19 pandemic quickly changed ideal corridor land uses and altered transportation trends. A sharp increase in online shopping, a decline in affordable housing, and an increase in people using alternative modes of transportation (biking, walking, scootering) are just some of the major shifts the corridor has experienced. The City of Middleton would like to adopt a plan for University Avenue that considers these recent changes and anticipates the needs of the City, the community, and the region.

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