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BE ACTIVE WISCONSIN – Community Fitness Challenge (Ages 2 & up) 

Cities and towns across Wisconsin are hosting the first ever Community Fitness Challenge! The “Be Active Wisconsin” Community Challenge invites all community members to participate in a virtual event to promote active lifestyles, connect people to the outdoors by encouraging use of our parks/trail systems, and engage Wisconsin communities in a friendly competition! All active minutes count (not just running/walking), so let’s get moving Middleton! The winning community will receive a trophy, and all participants receive a T-shirt. (It’s the same shirt for every participating community – how cool is that?) While there is a personal goal of 200 minutes a week to help motivate and to give you a goal to strive for, there are no requirements and no awards given for personal goals so that you can customize it based on your needs. 

All participants will have access to a Google Form where you will enter your minutes for each week by Monday morning at 10am. The link to the form will be emailed to all registered participants on March 1. The numbers for each community will be sent out to all community representatives on Mondays so we can encourage our Middleton community to keep moving! 

Dates: March 1-31 

Location: anywhere you can be active!   

Cost: $10/Participant (includes T-shirt) 

Code: 3000.101 

Community Fitness Challenge-Final

Exciting things to sign up for!

Parking Lot Party – A birthday workout (Ages 14+) 

It’s a party in a parking lot! Well, actually, it’s Rebecca’s birthday and she likes to workout. So, in celebration of her birthday, and to promote being active (this counts towards the Community Fitness Challenge), she will be hosting a workout in the Lakeview Park parking lot! Join her for 46 minutes of cardio and strength exercises, along with goofy games and activities set to her favorite playlist that will get you moving and possibly grooving. Please bring a set of hand weights (soup cans or gallon jug of water would work as weights), and a jump rope if you have one. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Summer Day Camp program.

Location: Lakeview Park Parking Lot // Instructor: Rebecca Price // Cost: $4.60/Participant // Min: 4/Max: 46

Code: 3050.101   Day: Wed    Date: 3/24     Time: 6:00-6:45pm

Friends Virtual Trivia: (All Ages)

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way!” What name appears on the TV Guide Address Label? What is Chandler Bing’s Job? Put your time spent binging Friends during quarantine to good use and join us for FRIENDS Trivia, to find out who is the Biggest Friends Fan! In honor of March Madness, a Greatest Friends Episode Bracket will be created and shared with participants leading up to the trivia, and during the trivia, polls will be taken between questions to help us determine, the favorite episode of FRIENDS. So join us on March 29 in a special night dedicated to FRIENDS! Teams of 1 to 4 individuals. To be notified of the Zoom links for this event, sign up now!

Location: Virtual // Cost: $3 per zoom link

Code: 3229.103    Day: Mon     Date:  3/29     Time:  7:00-8:00pm

Lakeview Park Shelter

Middleton Public Lands, Recreation & Forestry worked with Aro Eberle architects on a project to improve the shelter at Lakeview Park.  The shelter, originally built in 1972, has served the park and visitors well over the years. There were concerns about restroom access and conflicting uses that had the City considering improvements to the facility. At the February 18th Common Council meeting bids were awarded for the renovation and expansion.  Construction has recently finished as of October 23rd, 2020. Check out the new shelter below!

Here are some important things you need to know

Lakeview park shelter is now accepting reservations for dates after May 15th, 2021

The bathrooms at Lakeview Park & Taylor park remain open. 

Park History & Image Survey

Lakeview shelter is open