Current Construction Projects

On this page are listed the major Public Works projects the City is undertaking in 2019. Under each heading there is a brief description of the project along with links to related documents and maps. The name and email of the City project manager for each respective project is shown immediately after the project name.
Among these are the City's annual projects for:
  • Street Reconstruction
  • Street Mill and Overlay
  • Street Chip Sealing
  • Sidewalk Repair
The first category above typically consists of one or two major street reconstruction projects. The second category provides new asphalt surfaces on several streets throughout the City. These projects are funded either by the Capital budget or by Tax Incremental Financing (TIF). In some cases, grants provide part of the funding.
The last two categories span multiple neighborhoods in any given year. Click the link below for the location of these projects for the current year.

        Street Reconstruction

Aurora Street, Elmwood Avenue, Parmenter Street "Reconstruction-Project 19-121" (Shawn Ulsrud: Email)
This project is scheduled to begin sometime in the spring of 2020 with completion in mid-July.

On Monday, October 14 at 6:30 p.m. a public information meeting will be hosted by the Public Works Committee in the Council Chambers at City Hall, with an open house prior to the meeting beginning at 5:30 p.m.  You are invited to attend this open house and meeting to discuss any project concerns you might have and to learn more about how this project will affect you.  The project plans are not yet available for review, but will soon be posted on the City's web site. 

Mill & Overlay

(Shawn Ulsrud: Email

Mill & Overlay is the resurfacing of a street by means of either a partial depth milling (removing only the top layer of asphalt) or full depth milling (removing the entire depth of asphalt without disturbing the underlying base course) then repaving with new asphalt. This type of work typically does not include underground utilities; it is meant to provide a new stable road surface at a lower cost than a full reconstruction.

The City intends each year to resurface several streets in various locations throughout the City. The locations for this year are shown on the project area map (see link above) identified in the legend as "Mill & Overlay."

Property owners will be notified prior to the start of the project. No daytime on-street parking will be allowed during the project, but access to driveways will be maintained whenever possible.


Chip Sealing and Crack Filling

(Shawn Ulsrud:Email )

Project Update: 

The chip sealing project is intended to prolong the life of existing pavements that are in reasonably good condition. Streets to be treated are selected by PASER ratings (asphalt condition) and to the extent possible, are grouped by neighborhood. One might view it as a "coat of paint" for the streets to prevent damage from water and UV light. The locations for this year are shown on the project area map (see link above), identified in the legend as "Crack Filling & Chip Sealing."
Prior to applying the chip seal material, the major cracks in the pavements are filled with a rubberized compound. This may be done either during the prior year or shortly before the chip sealing.
The next step is to apply a layer of emulsified asphalt to the road surface immediately followed by a layer of small aggregate chips. At this point, traffic on the road can resume. A few days later, after traffic has helped to set the aggregate, the road is swept and the project is complete.
No daytime on-street parking will be allowed during the project, but access to driveways will be maintained whenever possible.

        Sidewalk Maintenance Program

(Tom Weber: Email)
Each year the City inspects one-eighth of the City's neighborhoods to determine whether any sidewalks in those areas are deficient and in need of repair or replacement. This year the City will be in section four.  More information can be found at the link below.