Leaves and Garden Waste

Leaf Collection has ended for the 2022 season. Leaf collection will resume in April (weather permitting).
The compost site on HWY Q is closed for the winter as well. It will open in April.

Per the City’s Leaf and Yard Waste Collection Policy, collection of leaves ends following the season’s first snow accumulation, but no later than the end of November, and trucks will be converted to get ready for snow and ice control operations. 

Unscheduled collection of leaves and garden waste will be provided in April, October and November (weather permitting). Collection on private property is prohibited, unless a Release of Liability Agreement is signed and on file with the Dept. of Public Works.

Please see the City’s Leaf and Garden Waste Collection Policy for a complete description of the curbside leaf and garden waste collection service seasons, rules and alternative disposal options.

Leaf collection will end following the season's first snow accumulation, but NO LATER than November 30th. Trucks will then need to be converted for snow and ice control operations. Please windrow your leaves on the terrace in plenty of time to allow for their collection.

Collection of leaves in fall requires a lot of work to be done in a very short time. Your cooperation in making leaf collection efficient is both needed and appreciated. Please follow these instructions:
  • Pile leaves on grass areas along the curb, but not in the street or gutter.
  • Do not pile leaves around trees, posts, hydrants or mailboxes.
  • Please do not park a vehicle in front of leaf piles.
  • Leaves in bags or containers, or covered with a tarp WILL NOT be collected.
  • Leaves mixed with brush WILL NOT be collected.
Leaf collection is not scheduled on a particular week like brush collection is, but leaf collection does progress through the same four quadrants of the City as follows:
  • Quadrant 1: South of University Ave. and West of Park St.
  • Quadrant 2: South of University Ave. and East of Park St.
  • Quadrant 3: North of University Ave. and West of Allen Blvd.
  • Quadrant 4: North of University Ave. and East of Allen Blvd.
Locate your quadrant here.

It takes about one to two weeks for the leaf collection crew to cycle through all four quadrants of the City. Progress continually changes based on other priority work, weather conditions, volume of leaves, available staff, and equipment breakdowns.

Leaves will be delivered to property owners upon email request.

INVASIVE SPECIES PLANTS: While yard waste, including most weeds, cannot by law be placed in your refuse (brown) cart, the seeds of some invasive species could survive the composting process and should be disposed of in the landfill. A full listing of prohibited and restricted invasive species is available on the DNR web site, and includes Garlic mustard, Dame’s rocket, Leafy spurge, Purple loosestrife, Canada thistle, and Crown vetch. The list doesn’t include dandelions, creeping charlie, or common thistles.

Restricted and prohibited invasive species plants should be placed in a plastic bag, labeled “invasive species”, and placed in your refuse (brown) cart. The reason for labeling the bag is just in case it would break open, so that the driver knows to collect the material, and not reject it.