Public Lands Plans & Projects

Pleasant View Bike Park Trail Head, Parking, Path & Access Drive (18-112)                          $420,000

Funding Source: Park Development Fund

Contact: Matt Amundson

Consultant: Strand & Associates

The project includes relocating the bike park trailhead from Pleasant View Golf Course to property being donated by Dan Erdman.  The project is being funded from park development funds and a significant contribution from the Central Cross Country Ski Association.  A smaller portion of the project includes design and improvements to the bike park.

Middleton Hills: Boardwalk Replacement (18-113)                                                                          $135,000

Funding Source: 2018 Capital Improvement Plan

Contact: Matt Amundson

Work on this project will begin by the end of October 2019. 

The old boardwalk will be removed and a new boardwalk with the same configuration will be put in its place.  First, a survey will establish new piling locations.  The project will continue after ice is formed; ice is needed to allow for equipment to be on the ice to drill new pilings.  The new pilings, frames, and decks will then be installed.  The project is anticipated to be complete in Spring 2020.

Park & Open Space Plan 2020-2024 (18-114)                                                                                        $20,000

Funding Source: Park Development Fund

Contact: Matt Amundson


A firm will be selected in January 2020 to start work on this project.

Pheasant Branch Conservancy Master Plan (19-111)                                                                        $50,000

Funding Source: 2019 Capital Improvement Plan

Contact: Mark Wegner

Announcements / Bid Documents

The City of Middleton has begun a partnership with Quest Construction Data Network. This is a web based initiative that delivers the City's construction project advertisements and bid documents to Contractors in a more timely and cost effective way. Project advertisements on QuestCDN and in the Middleton Times Tribune will include the Quest project number needed to access the electronic bid documents.
Benefits of the electronic delivery of bid documents from QuestCDN include:
  • Contractors or other individuals may become a member of QuestCDN without cost. A fee is charged only for the bid documents that are downloaded.
  • Bid documents, including plan drawings and specifications, can be previewed without cost before deciding whether to download the documents.
  • Bid documents in electronic format are a fraction of the cost of paper documents.
  • Bid documents will be delivered in the Adobe PDF format so there is no software investment required, just the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program. 
  • There is the option to print just the pages needed, helping to reduce paper waste.
  • If addenda are issued, holders of bid documents will automatically be notified by e-mail to return to the web site to access them. Addenda may be downloaded without cost.
  • Plan holder lists and project bid results will be available on the web site.
  • QuestCDN can be contacted at (952) 233-1632 for any questions regarding free membership registration, downloading, or working with the digital bid documents. 

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