Standard Specifications

Standard Specifications & Construction Contract Documents (Revised August, 2015)

In February, 2015, the City of Middleton completed substantial revisions to the Standard Specifications and Construction Contract Documents and made subsequent minor revisions in August, 2015. These updates replaced the last major revision completed in June, 2004, which in turn had replaced the specifications dated March, 1989. A more complete history of the revisions can be viewed via the link below.

The current book includes:
  • Notes to specifiers, to assist in preparation of contract documents
  • Standard “front-end” documents
  • Changes to approved materials, most notably sewer main
  • Updated standard detail drawings
  • Standard forms for use in preparing the contract and for construction observation and testing
  • The revised book, as periodically updated, is intended for use in all contracts within the City of Middleton that include public improvements and will be used for all projects to be let by the City.

Contract Document Divisions

Contract Documents and related support materials are segregated into the following principal divisions: