Alternate Side Parking Ordinance of Middleton

Middleton's long standing alternate side parking ordinance is in effect from November 15 to March 15. The purpose of the ordinance is to facilitate snow removal and street maintenance. If it is necessary for you to leave a vehicle on the street between 1:00 AM and 7:00 AM, park on the even numbered side of the street on even numbered calendar days and likewise, park on the odd numbered side of the street on odd numbered days. You should anticipate the midnight date change.

If signs prohibit parking on one side of the street alternate parking does not apply. If the addresses on your street are all even or all odd numbered, the alternate side parking regulations still applies. In effect, there is no on street parking every other night. To do otherwise would mean that one side of the street could not be plowed.

Alternate side parking enforcement is not contingent on an impending snow storm. It is not an objective to write parking tickets when it snows, but rather to get people into the habit of consistently complying with the ordinance. Writing tickets to illegally parked cars during or after a snow storm doesn't help in the snow removal operation. Voluntary compliance, precipitated by consistent enforcement, results in a significantly more effective and efficient plowing operation.

Alternate Side Parking Ordinance

15.04(5) Seasonal Night Parking 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM.

(a) No vehicle shall be parked or left standing between the hours of 1:00 AM and 7:00 AM on the even numbered side of any street on odd numbered calendar days and on the odd numbered side of any street on even numbered calendar days between November 15 and March 15 in each year, except on the streets and highways listed in (c). These parking restrictions shall be in addition to and shall supersede all other parking regulations from time to time existing on any street or highway in the City.

(b) Notice. Signs giving notice that night parking restrictions are in effect in the City of Middleton shall be placed or erected at or near the corporate limits of the City on all state and country trunk highways and connecting streets. Such signs shall be reflectorized and of a type approved by the State Highway Commission as to size of lettering, shape and coloring in accordance with Wis. Stat. s. 349.13.

(c) Exceptions. The following streets shall be excepted from the provisions of this subsection:

Blocks of streets which prohibit parking at all times on one side of said block or street and which permit parking of any status on the other side of said block or street. “Block” shall mean that portion of a street between two intersecting streets. For purposes of this section, an intersecting street includes both a street which fully intersects the street in question, and a street which begins or terminates at the street in question.

Parmenter Street from University Avenue to South Avenue
Middleton Beach Road
Middleton Street south of Voss Parkway

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