Re-Open Hearings

You can file a motion to reopen your case. The motion simply can be a letter from you to the Court or you can complete the online form.

Motion to Re-Open Form

A $40.00 Reopen fee may be required. The motion must be filed with the
Middleton Municipal Court,
7341 Donna Drive,
Middleton, WI 53562.

The email address is: .

A hearing will be scheduled on your motion to reopen. A notice will be sent to the address you provide the court.

At the motion hearing, you should be prepared to explain why the Court should reopen your case. The Judge will make a ruling on your motion at the end of the hearing. If your motion is granted, a no-contest plea will be entered on your behalf and your case will be scheduled for trial. If your motion is denied, the original finding of guilty and the original sentence remain as previously determined.