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A FREE after school and summer program for 5th -8th grade youth

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After School 2020-2021:
* Both Virtual and In-Person Options (see detailed schedule below)

Contact Us!
Email: ghinahara@mcpasd.k12.wi.us
YC Cell (Gabrielle): (608) 225-2451
YC Cell (John): (608) 800-2279
Office: (608) 821-8363

* Closed for Spring Break March 27th-April 4th *

Location: The Youth Center will remain at Lakeview Park for the remainder of the school year because the district is not allowing outside groups or extracurriculars to use school buildings.

Mondays & Tuesdays: 1:30-5:30pm (bus arrival from Kromrey at 4pm)
Wednesdays: CLOSED
Thursdays & Fridays: 1:30-5:30pm (bus arrival from Kromrey at 4pm) 

Students will be able to attend the Youth Center 2 days per week: either Mondays/Tuesdays or Thursdays/Fridays. Students attending on days when they are NOT in-person at school need to have their own transportation to and from. Students attending on days when they are IN-PERSON at Kromrey can request that the bus drop them off at the Youth Center after school by completing the Alternate Bus Transportation Form.

Students do not need to attend for the entire time from 1:30-5:30pm. The can arrive late or leave early as needed. If students need to complete zoom classes during Youth Center time, they are welcome to do so at the Youth Center. Students are also encouraged to bring their chromebooks for academic support.

Academic support
Enrichment activities
Social Justice Club

Academic support,
Enrichment activities
Girl Scouts

Academic support
Enrichment activities
Girls Inc.
Academic support
Enrichment activities
Social Justice Club

How to Enroll: Enrollment is dependent upon spaces being available. We are currently following all Public Health guidelines for group sizes.


  • Mentoring Program: Focused on students who attend the Youth Center 3 days/week or more
    • Each staff member is matched with 10-15 students that they check-in with weekly
    • Mentor meetings will focus on goal-setting, behavior planning, academic accountability, parent engagement, trauma-informed care, and new program development
  • Homework Help: Available on school days from 4-6pm
    • Includes access to high school tutors and communication with school day teachers if needed. 
    • Separate rooms are designated for quiet studying, group study, and tutoring support. 
    • Homework room is an optional choice for YC students. If you would like to require your student to attend the Homework Room or the check-in on homework completion before participating in other YC activities, please contact us.
  • Drop-in Enrichment Activities: At least one drop-in activity is offered per day from 4-5pm
    • Drop-in activities are available to all enrolled Youth Center students
    • Examples: art, sports, etc.
  • Mini-Courses: Month-long activities that run 1x/week from 4-5pm. 
    • Mini-courses allow for longer-term projects and skill building. 
    • Examples: Beginner field hockey, photography, swimming lessons, spoken word poetry, international cooking, etc.
  • Free Choice: From 5-6pm on school days
    • Examples of free choice activity options: art, sports, playing at Fireman’s Park, board games, xbox, wii, computer lab, listening to music, hanging out with friends, homework help, etc.


GabrielleHGabrielle Hinahara, Director

Gabrielle has directed the Middleton Youth Center since it’s reopening in 2014. She loves working with middle school students and finds this work very fulfilling. In particular, Gabrielle enjoys building relationships with the Youth Center’s students and families, supporting the staff and interns, and finding new ways to grow and improve the program. Gabrielle grew up in Middleton and went to college at UW-Madison. She studied environmental studies and Spanish and began working with young people through outdoor education and sustainable agriculture. Outside of her time at the Youth Center, she loves riding her bike, dancing, gardening, travelling, and spending time with the 12 housemates, friends, and kids that live in her co-op house.

John Hunter, Assistant DirectorJohn

John was born in Madison and has lived here most of his life. He graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI in 2012. Before working for the Middleton Youth Center starting in 2015, John worked for one year at the Bridge Lake Point Waunona (BLW) Community Center on the south side of Madison as a PASS AmerCorps Member. John’s interests include playing and watching sports, fishing, reading, and playing video games.

Hillary DavisHillary Davis, PASS AmeriCorps Member

Hillary grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2019 and studied Psychology & Family Services. She recently moved to Madison and is super excited to serve with the youth center! Hillary loves pizza rolls, cats, quality conversations, reading, and napping. She is looking forward to building relationships and empowering students this year.  

Kyrsten Charles, UW Social Work InternKyrsten

Kyrsten grew up in Green Bay and is currently studying at UW-Madison. In May of 2020, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where she studied Psychology and Human Development. Before interning at the Middleton Youth Center, Kyrsten was a Youth Behavioral Specialist at Innovative Services Inc. for two years. For fun, Kyrsten loves to create art, walk trails, listen to music, read, and hangout with friends and family. She also loves animals, especially her hedgehog, Sonic.

Akshita1Akshita Pattnaik, High School Intern

Akshita was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to Middleton when she was 5. She is now in 11th grade at Middleton High School! She is super excited to be working at the Youth Center for a second year. She always loves to meet new people and learn new things! In her free time, Akshita is often playing tennis, laughing with her friends, or playing one of the many instruments she plays. When she’s not doing any of those things, you can find her listening to music or watching her favorite shows on Netflix. Akshita’s parents were both born in India so she loves to celebrate and show off her culture! Akshita helps to lead Girl Scouts at the Youth Center.

Kaitlyn Winkers, UW Social Work InternKaitlyn1

Kaitlyn was raised in Fennimore, Wisconsin. She is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Kaitlyn previously served as a paraprofessional, working with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In her free time she enjoys cleaning, going for walks, playing with her nephews, and eating Chipotle. Kaitlyn is excited to continue working with children and building new relationships.


The Middleton Youth Center is a free program funded by the City of Middleton, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, and Dane County. However, in order to be able to offer high-quality programming and field trips, we depend on donations from community members. 

If you would like to support the work of the Middleton Youth Center, please donate online or send your donation to:

Middleton Youth Center
7426 Hubbard Avenue
Middleton, WI 53562


* Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting volunteers at this time *

  • Tutors for the Homework Help Room: (4-6pm) Tutors work with students one-on-one or in small groups, and help keep the homework room a quiet, productive space. We ask that all tutors are able to help with 5th-8th grade level homework in all core subject areas and commit to one day per week for at least one semester.
  • Weekly Activity Leaders: (4-5pm) Activity leaders commit to planning or supporting a 1-hour long activity once per week for at least one month. For example, leading a weekly art class.

To be considered for a volunteer position, please submit the Volunteer Packet to ghinahara@mcpasd.k12.wi.us

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