Parks & Facilities

Stricker & Hidden Oaks Park have winter bins!

Be on the lookout for these bins that are coming your way! They will move to new parks periodically. This is something that we are very excited to bring this winter to our community. We hope that you enjoy the activities!
Neighborhood Parks Activity Bin

Lakeview Park Shelter

Middleton Public Lands, Recreation & Forestry worked with Aro Eberle architects on a project to improve the shelter at Lakeview Park. The shelter, originally built in 1972, has served the park and visitors well over the years. There were concerns about restroom access and conflicting uses that had the City considering improvements to the facility. At the February 18th Common Council meeting bids were awarded for the renovation and expansion. Construction has recently finished as of October 23rd, 2020. Check out the new shelter below! 

Here are some important things you need to know

Lakeview park shelter is now accepting reservations for dates after May 15th, 2021. 

The bathrooms at Lakeview Park & Taylor park remain open. 

The nets have been taken down for winter.  

Lakeview shelter is open

Announcement! The state requires face coverings to be worn in park shelters and their amenities. This includes wearing a mask to use the restrooms. You are not required to wear a mask on outdoor equipment such as playgrounds. We are not taking shelter reservations. 

Park Shelter Mask Requirement
Parks ranger announcement

The City of Middleton Public Lands, Recreation & Forestry Department would like to introduce Serena Thompson and Erik Hanewold as the 2020 Park Rangers. Erik , who is employed fulltime at the VA Hospital, previously served as a Park Ranger for the City in 2018. Serena is new to Middleton and will complete a degree in criminal justice this fall with plans to work in natural resource law enforcement. The Ranger position is designed to serve in an educational capacity and address public lands violations with patrons in addition to education regarding public health guidance as it relates to Covid-19. The Rangers are seasonal employees with primary hours on weekdays in the early evenings and weekends. The Park Ranger program is entering its 3rd season and will continue to collaborate with the Middleton Police Department. The Rangers will be in City of Middleton shirts and have a City of Middleton photo identification card. Rangers can be reached at or by phone at 608-434-PARK (7275).

Park Responsibilities

The Middleton Public Lands Recreation & Forestry Department oversees all parks and facilities within the City of Middleton. The Department is responsible for all reservations, planning, maintenance and yearly improvements on the land within its jurisdiction. The Middleton Parks include six community parks, six neighborhood parks, eight mini parks, which include a Splash Pad and Dog Exercise Park.

We offer reservations of facilities at Lakeview Park, Firemen’s Park, Parisi Park, Orchid Heights Park, and Taylor Park. Please visit the Rentals and Reservations page to reserve your shelter today! 

Facility Overview

Click the image below for a full list of our park facilities are services.
Middleton Park Facilities and Services

Community Parks

Firefighters     Firemen's     Lakeview     Orchid Heights     Penni Klein     Taylor

Neighborhood Parks

Hinrichs Family Farm     Middleton Hills North     Middleton Hills South     Middleton Station     Parisi     Stricker     Woodside Heights

Mini Parks

Baskerville     Boundary Road     Hawkridge     Hillcrest     Meadows     Middleton Ridge     Parkside Heights     Pheasant Branch Ridge   Stonefield

Special Use Areas

Lake Street Boat Launch     Metropolitan Community Park     Middleton Bike Park     Quarry Skate Park     Walter Bauman Aquatic Center