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Spongy Moth Aerial Spray Notice

Weather permitting, the first application of BtK for control of spongy moth will occur on Monday May 22nd.  The application will be done with a helicopter. Spraying will take place starting at 6:00 A.M. and last for about an hour.  Areas sprayed are safe for use once any spray that reaches the ground is dried, which usually takes about an hour.  

The images below are the areas that will be sprayed. 

Large Spray Block Map
Small Spray Block Map

Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Master Plan

Draft Master Plan  and Appendices

Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Reconstruction Update

The asphalt contractor will be onsite Wednesday/Thursday (May 31-June 1) to pave from Deming to Parmenter!!!

It has been a long 5 years since the flood event and the end is finally in sight.  Staff appreciates all of your patience and understanding during this process and understands fully the impacts this has had on the enjoyment and use of the corridor.   We all will be thankful when it is completed.

To recap:

Contracts were awarded in August of 2022 for two projects - one for the stream and upper bank stabilization, and another for the reconstruction of the trail and bridges.  Cardno was the contractor for the first, MSA for the latter.  The stream work started in early September and was finished in early November.  Bridge and trail work started right after Thanksgiving.

The winter months have been filled with work on construction of new bridge abutments.  All of the existing bridges were moved from their locations for this process.  

Bridge Abutment Construction

Bridge Abutment Construction

Bridges have now been reset on the new abutments.  After some wrinkles with the design for replacement railings - which will entail some additional bracket welding - the railings will be finished by the end of April and will complete the work needed for the bridges.

Bridge on Abutment

Bridge on Abutment2

Trail Reconstruction

Slated to begin in mid April, removal of any remaining asphalt and grading of the trail base will be occurring in the same manner as all of the previous work ( meaning section by section).  Additional repairs on the concrete stream crossings will be happening as well.  When possible the trail will be widened an additional 12 inches with the intent to help lessen conflicts between different users (bicyclists, walkers, birders, runners).  If weather cooperates, paving of the entire trail will happen in early July and opened for all regular use by the end of July!

Other Flood Related Documents

Reimagining the Unimaginable - University of Wisconsin Student Project Study

Pheasant Branch 2018 Flood Damage Assessment and Five Year Plan - Cardno Study

Conservancy Lands Plan 2018-2023
 The Conservancy Lands Plan 2018-2023 is a guiding document for City of Middleton's land stewardship activities on its conservancy lands.   Middleton’s conservancy lands system provides over 835 acres of open space and represents approximately 14 percent of land within the City. The conservancy system includes both conservancy lands and the trails within these lands.  Conservancy lands are public lands managed for natural vegetation, habitat, water quality and passive recreation.  Although conservancy lands vary in size, vegetative communities, landscape features, management priorities, and uses, most conservancies share some or all of the following characteristics: 

  • Unique plant communities, wildlife, and/or geology.
  • Ecological function, such as protecting water quality or preserving wildlife habitat.
  • Maintained as natural area and restored to native plant community.
  • Provides opportunities for passive recreation, education, and volunteering.

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Take a stroll and visit over 15 trails and conservancies including Pheasant Branch, Graber Pond, Tiedeman Pond, Bock Forest and more. The Middleton Public Lands Division oversees all conservancy land and trails within the City of Middleton. The division is responsible for all planning maintenance and yearly improvements on the land within its jurisdiction.


The Pheasant Branch Conservancy is considered 1 of 100 Wisconsin Wetland Gems and 1 of 26 Wetland Workhorses. Please see the Wetland Gem Flyer for more information. Wetland Gem books are also available in the Public Lands Department at City Hall, 7426 Hubbard Ave.

Bock Community Forest

Bock Brochure

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