Required Permits & Inspections

Required Permits

Residents must obtain permits for construction and remodeling projects. Any project that requires excavating, improving, altering, converting, repairing, extending or demolishing of a lot, building or structure must first obtain a building permit. Permits must be obtained before construction begins. Please allow two weeks for processing permit applications.

Section 11.05(2)

According to Section 11.05(2) of the City of Middleton Zoning Ordinance, “Minor Repairs; Permit Not Necessary. Notwithstanding subsection (1), no permit shall be required for any repairs that are non-structural, but not limited to replacement of same or smaller size windows and doors, siding, gutters, and roofing where the total cost of repairs or maintenance is less than $1,000, however, no heating, plumbing or electrical repairs shall be subject to this exception.”

Section 10

In addition to a Building Permit, no structure shall be erected or altered without obtaining a Zoning Permit pursuant to Section 10.127(1) of the City of Middleton Zoning Ordinance.

Required Inspections

Subcontractors shall request inspections for their own work by contacting the Building Inspection Department at (608) 821-8370. Failure to give proper inspection notification may result in fines. The Building Permit Applicant (signature on application) is responsible to verify that all required inspections have been made. Any developer and/or contractor who calls for an inspection before the work is ready for inspection may be assessed $40 per inspection.

Permit & Inspection Documents