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About the Water & Sewer Utility

The City of Middleton Water and Sewer Utility is responsible for maintaining approximately 160 miles of water and sewer mains. We have eight water pumping stations with a combined pumping capacity of over eight million gallons per day and nine sewer pumping stations that pump to the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. Middleton serves about 6,000 metered customers with an average daily use of 2.3 million gallons per day. We also maintain over 900 hydrants and 1,500 valves.

The Water Utility has two water towers with a combined capacity of 1,250,000 gallons and two ground reservoirs that hold 1,100,000 gallons. Middleton draws its water from six sandstone wells, ranging in depth from 330 feet to 856 feet. These wells penetrate the Franconia, Galesville, Eau Claire, and Mount Simon formations. The Water and Sewer Utility are a self-supporting enterprise with 100% of the expenses paid by the utility customers through quarterly bills.


Sewer rates increase effective December 15, 2018.

For information on rates, view or download our rate sheet.

Public Notice
Middleton Water Utility Customers:

We are aware that a mailing has been sent to utility customers entitled "Important Information Regarding Your Water Service Line." This mailing DID NOT come from the Middleton Water & Sewer Utility, but rather from a private company. We are suggesting that you thoroughly research any company before doing business with them. State of Wisconsin Better Business Bureau