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Public Lands 

Playgrounds, the skate park, pickleball courts, and tennis courts are open.

Restrooms and portable toilets are available at Parisi Park, Taylor Park and Orchid Heights Park. All other restrooms are closed at this time.  

You are welcome to continue to enjoy trails and park spaces, including the dog parks. Outdoor recreation in the form of walking, biking, hiking, and running can provide valuable physical and mental health benefits. Basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, football, and other contact and team sports are expressly prohibited in the Safer at Home Order.

When using park trails and spaces, please continue to take all possible actions to reduce further spread of COVID-19. Maintain 6 feet of space between yourself and any other people and limit group size to 10 or less. If you do not feel well or someone in your house is sick, please stay home. At the dog park, wear gloves or put a bag over your hand to open and close the gate.


take out the papers and the trash

Normally in the spring the City works with large volunteer groups to clean parks, trails and conservancy lands. With the Safer at Home guidelines those volunteer groups are not able to do this critical work. We are asking for our residents to assist. We encourage anyone out enjoying our public lands to help beautify parks or conservancy areas. Although we typically ask that users stay on the trails, if you are able to safely reach litter you can leave the trail to do so. We thank you in advance for helping us beautify the Good Neighbor City.


Congratulations to Matt Amundson and Rebecca Price for receiving Professional of the Year awards from the Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Association (WPRA). Matt received his award for Parks Professional of the Year and Rebecca was named Recreation Professional of the Year. Candidates for this award are nominated by their peers and voted on by statewide WPRA members.

November Guide

It's finally here! The November guide is filled with new programs, new events and more virtual fun! Some of the programs are for December as well so be sure to check those out! 

The October Guide has been released!

This new SCARY special guide keeps you up to date on all the new programs and events we will be hosting over the month of October. Check it out! 
October Program Guide

Are you ready for a month long spooky event? We are working on the criteria and rules for our Costume Contest. We encourage you to check out the "News and Special Events" page on Thursday when we start this adventure! 

For information on the Storywalk ® and how to print out a map, click the image below!

Revised Contest Image
Theatre Premiere Post

Click the image to view the playbill for The Roman Comedies - Mostellaria (A Haunted House), Trinummus (A Three Dollar Day) and Aulularia (A Pot of Gold). The cast and crew are so excited to share their productions with their friends, family and community!

 You can see the show on our YouTube channel under the playlist " Creative Drama Performances". Another way to view these videos is by copy and pasting this link below!

Announcement! The state is requiring face coverings to be used in park shelters and their amenities. This includes wearing a mask to use the restrooms. You are not required to wear a mask on outdoor equipment such as playgrounds. We are not taking shelter reservations. 

Park Shelter Mask Requirement
For more information on how we plan to run our programs as well as guidelines that we will follow, and expect participants to follow, click the image below. We look forward to having a fun summer with you!
COVID Guidelines Cover Image
To register for recreation programs, click the recdesk icon below. All summer registrations must be completed online. 

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